Drew Brees

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New Orleans Saints Q Drew Brees

Post-Practice Media Availability

Wednesday August 7, 2013


What have the unproven guys shown you that give you confidence that can fill that void left by Joseph Morgan?


“Kenny Stills has been that personnel filling in in that 11 personnel group. He is playing very well. He seems to be grasping the offense, you can tell at times his head is spinning a little bit because it’s a lot of information and a lot to think about at times but for a guy like him, for a guy like (Nick) Toon, (Andy) Tanner, and other guys, Preston Parker has really stepped up and played well. There are quite a few guys that are kind of getting back into the mix Jarred Fayson has really shown up the past couple of days after being out the first couple days of camp. All these young receivers can play it’s just a matter of how they bee through the big picture.”



I know Joe kind of publicly didn’t blame Kenny Vaccaro, he said look don’t blame him it just happens, I mean it just happens, how is it on his end?


“There is such a free play, you know. He was kind of, you know bang bang. I mean he catches it and Kenny is just there and jumps on his back and in the process of putting his knee down, it kind of buckles on him gets caught in a funny position. Sometimes you have those freak incidents where kind of out of every ones control.”



Do the receiver corps have people with the skill sets to replace him?


“That’s kind of hard to do, (because) each guy has a little different skill set. There are some guys when you talk about just flat out speed I’m not sure if there is anyone who could run like Joe. There’s other things that a guy can bring to the table different than what Joe could do. We take those skill sets and we incorporate them to you know what they do best and that’s how we structure the offense and structure the game plan. We are not going to ask a guy that’s uncomfortable with or he is not good at. Let’s kind of cultivate the things he can do confidently.”