Will Smith

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New Orleans Saints Outside Linebacker Will Smith

Post-Practice Media Availability

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


How do you feel about the rule with the running back or the ball carrier outside the tackle box using the helmet?


“We are not really too concerned about it.  There is an emphasis on safety and that is one of the rules that they put in place.  A lot of rules have been against the defense and this is one of the rare occasions against the offense so we welcome it.”


As a defensive player you would like to see a few rules change that way right?




It seemed like the defense did pretty well in the two minute drill.  Can you talk about that?


“That is something that we have been focusing on all camp, to finish.  It’s something we felt we didn’t do too well last year and in a lot of our games we lost a lot of close games at the end of the game.  This time we are going to focus on finishing.  That’s why we had two minute drills today.  Coach Payton wanted to see how we can finish.  The defense stepped up and I’m sure next time we do it our offense will be a lot better.”


It’s always a good sign when you see Drew Brees a little frustrated, right?


“We don’t like to keep him too frustrated, but when he’s going up against us we like to win a couple battles here and there.  We went out there with the intent to stop him today and we did.”


Does it start to feel like a game week?


“No, (training camp) practices don’t change.  We are still out here in this 200 degree heat grinding every day.  It’s still camp in our minds and once Friday rolls around, we will be ready to play, but right now, we are just focusing on getting better in camp.”


Do you see a significant difference in this defense from a week ago?


“I think the coaches do.  I don’t necessarily think the players do.  We kind of measure it just on our comfort level.  Guys are a lot more comfortable just flying around knowing the defense.  It is constantly installing and installing new things so it becomes challenging for everyone.  But, when we go back to our old stuff that we did the past two weeks, guys are just flying around making plays as you can see today in the two minute drill.”


What is your comfort level with your new position?


“My comfort level is getting bigger every day.  It’s a slow process.  We are going to be in camp for another four or five weeks I think.  It’s still early and I’m learning all the plays.  I know all the plays and I’m playing well.  That’s that progress that you just want to continue to get faster and faster as a player and not really worry about the plays, they just come second hand.”


Is it possible that you will get more snaps in the preseason than you normally would because of your new position?


“I’m not even sure.  We haven’t even spoken about that.  That’s up to Sean Payton and the coaching staff to decide how many reps everyone gets and how many reps I get.”