Roman Harper

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New Orleans Saints Safety Roman Harper

Post-Practice Media Availability

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


The defense had two stops in the two-minute drill and you had an interception today during team drills. Would you say you’re seeing improvement both as a group and as an individual?


“Overall we’re just flying around and getting a better understanding. We still have some mental mistakes that we have to get corrected. The effort on Saturday was good. We had some turnovers, which is always nice. We didn’t fit the run all the way as well as we need to and we didn’t run to the ball as much as we have to as a whole. Those are the things we’re trying to work on this week. We’ve got to continue to talk about it and make it an emphasis. We know, come gametime on Friday, that tackling is going to be a big emphasis for us.”


You had a pick-six of Drew Brees today. Can you talk about the play and the semi-celebration that followed?


“I don’t know why he threw it. I was kind of standing there and he threw it, so I just broke over there and caught it. The hardest part is catching it. Look it in, make it a catch, celebrate a little bit, throw the ball to the crowd. Jimmy (Graham) always spikes it on us, so we try to get them back a little bit.”


Do you feel that sense of competitiveness from both sides of the ball?


“You can’t help it. It just starts to come out of you. That’s the reason we’re on the highest level, because we are competitive, (and) we enjoy competing. We have a great offense, so we have to use these guys (as a resource) whenever we can. If Drew doesn’t figure out a blitz or something that we do, we know it’s going to work in the game. We have to use everything we can. These guys are so competitive and have always been in the top five for as long as we’ve been here. You’ve got to be able to use these guys.”


Do you approach the first preseason game like a game week at all?


“It’s training camp. It’s not even preseason, it’s not anything. It’s all about getting better. You’ve got to love this thing. It’s all about competing and trying to lead by example while you’re out here working, Don’t let anything slack off, and we’ll get our legs back. You can’t worry about the games right now. A lot of the younger guys are going to have to make a big impression, and we’re looking forward to that. (This will be) Their first time under the lights, in the (Mercedes-Benz Superdome) dome, (and) it’s going to be fun to see how guys react when we get out there. Who’s going to lose it? Who’s going to keep (to) their game plan? (It’s) Very simple. We know it’s going to be big on tackling, fundamentals, knowing your eyes right, and it’s going to be nice.”


Will Smith was saying that the defense puts a lot of emphasis on the two-minute drill because of the way you finished games last year. How pleased were you with what you saw from the team today?


“We definitely won the edge today in the two-minute drill. We had two different stops, (and) one turnover. It’s always good to have it that way. Anytime we can end it with a couple of sacks or anything like that it really stops momentum. First half and second half of the game, somebody’s always in two-minute mode. It’s not often you have a team just sitting on a knee. In the games nowadays in the NFL, it’s always (a) fast pace, there’s always somebody trying to play catch-up. The two-minute is a big emphasis, it’s a big part of every game played this year.”