Jimmy Graham

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New Orleans Saints Tight End Jimmy Graham

Post-Practice Media Availability

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


You spiked the ball a couple of times today. Are you just feeling good? What was that about, today?


“Well, since there is no goalpost, I just go for the spike. I am a passionate player. I am an emotional player, so even at practice, I do the same.”


You guys are kind of feeling that competition, from the defensive end?


“Yeah, our defense has been doing a great job with mixing some things up. Obviously, with the defensive change, it adds a few problems. It is definitely a different look than we have gotten ever since I have been here. It is good for us. It challenges us in many ways. Sometimes, they get the better of us, and sometimes, we get the better of them.”


You talked at the end of last year, about the first meeting with Sean Payton when he returns and figured he would possibly chew you out. How was that first meeting, when you saw him for the first time, and what did he say about last season?


“Well, first he called me, and I didn’t recognize the number, so I didn’t pick it up. He was pretty mad because it took like two or three days for me to call him back. The meeting and conversation was very serious. Talking about his expectations for me, and the things that I need to correct from last year. How he is ready to be back, and he is ready to see my growth even more.”


What kind of improvement do you see for yourself in 2013, with such high expectations for you?


“I would say just always being on my game, especially with blocking. I am like 270 (lbs) right now. I have been out there blocking quite a bit. That is just me wanting to be complete so that’s what I want to do for this team, myself, and my career.”


Do you want to stay at 270 (lbs) or go down? 


“I am going to play at whatever they want me to play at. I think my maximum weight is 273, so as long as I am not getting fined.”


How direct was Coach Payton with you about last year?


“Sean is a very direct kind of person. I don’t think I have ever personally had a conversation with him that hasn’t been very direct. It is something that I am used to, him setting high standards for me and telling me directly to my face (those standards), that is just how he is. He doesn’t beat around the bush. He is the type of guy who lets you know how he feels.”