Child Left In Gas Station Parking Lot

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An argument between a mother and father ends with their baby girl left alone in a gas station parking lot.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter talked to the clerk who called police.

Pay close attention to the woman standing between two parked cars.

She’s the woman witnesses say got into a heated argument with a man in the passenger seat of the silver car, then did the unspeakable.

“They used the baby as a tool or weapon, you know; which is not right,” clerk Sammy Jawhari said.

It happened Tuesday afternoon outside the B-Express Gas Station on Elysian Fields Avenue.

In a dramatic exchange, the woman is seen on security camera video reaching into the car window.

The window was eventually raised, trapping her arm.

Fast forward, it appears she tries to throw several punches, then — comes the worst of it.

The woman goes back to her car, reaches into the rear passenger door and pulls out a baby girl strapped in a car seat.

She grabs the baby’s bottle, then places the child on the hood of the car occupied by the man she was arguing with.

She makes another attempt to grab the man, gets into her car, and then drives away.

“The man told me, sir, call the police,” Jawhari said. “She left the baby.”

That man is later seen on security video, lifting the car seat, and carefully placing the child on the ground of the parking lot.

He gets back inside his car, and drives away; leaving clerks and customers scrambling to take action.

“Wow, I don’t know to tell you the truth,” customer Clinton Howard said. “I probably would have panicked, a baby I probably would have panicked.”

Clerk Sammy Jawhari took the 4 to 6 month old baby girl inside the store and called police.

“She was a beautiful baby,” he said. “She was a healthy baby. I gave her some milk; I gave her some apple juice.” “She was fine.” “She was under the air conditioner,” Jawhari said.

“That was a good deed that he did,” Howard said.

An hour later, the woman in the video came back to the store asking about the baby that had already been taken away by police.

“She’s the one that left her, she shouldn’t have left her,” Jawhari said. “If she wants that baby that bad, she shouldn’t have left her from the get go.”

The child was not hurt and was placed with relatives.

The mother, Jasmine Jones, 30, and father, Leonard Martin, 30, were both booked with Cruelty to a Juvenile.