Keenan Lewis

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New Orleans Saints Cornerback Keenan Lewis

Post-Practice Media Availability

Monday, August 5, 2013


Are you looking forward to Friday?


“Definitely. I have the opportunity to go out and show the New Orleans fans what I have. I also have an opportunity to play against my younger cousin (Kendrick Lewis of the Chiefs), so I have to show him the ropes. I’ll be looking for him and I’m pretty sure he’ll be looking for me. I’ll be ready to go.”


Will there be some talking back and forth if you get out there with your cousin?


“Definitely. But right now I tell him not to call me until Saturday. I’m sure they wrote an article in the paper about how he is excited to come home and play. That made me kind of mad; I’d like to see him in the dome.”


How are you feeling after having the scrimmage and finally getting a day off after going through training camp for that period of time?


“Today my legs still hurt. We deserved it. Everybody came out and executed their playbook. Everybody went extremely hard since day one, so that day off was very beneficial. Like they say: it’s a new day and we have to come out here and just get better. Training camp is not over.”


Was it nice that Coach Payton decided to have practice inside today instead of outside?


“Definitely. He’s the best. I respect that opinion to come inside and practice. It’s like 110 degrees inside my car so I didn’t want to go outside. He gave us inside, everybody executed their assignments and we had a good practice.”


Patrick Robinson is back today at practice for you guys. What do you think he brings to the secondary?


“That’s a big help to have him back. That’s a guy who’s a student of the game. He’s younger than me but he teaches me a lot. I go to him with questions and things like that. Just to have him back and his presence (is that of) a true ball player. When you get a guy like that back, it helps out the defense. Everybody on the team is glad to have him back.”