Carrollton at I-10 needs some improvements

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One of the most unsightly intersections in New Orleans has to be on Carrolton Avenue near I-10.  The Palmetto Canal about 50 yards away is the reason.

Could you imagine a culvert instead of a canal, down Palmetto to Airline Drive and down Washington Avenue to Jeff Davis?  Covering the canal would greatly improve the area.

A new multi-million dollar Costco is under construction on the corner, right across the street from mighty Xavier University.  Xavier would get a “great lawn” instead of an open canal and Costco would get multiple turning lanes leading customers right to their doorstep.

Imagine that heavily traveled intersection looking and functioning exactly like the Veterans/Clearview intersection in Metairie.

Besides a much improved intersection for vehicular traffic, the citizens of New Orleans get an aesthetically pleasing landscaped corner instead of an eyesore.

I know Xavier University deserves better and so do the businesses in the area.  A culvert instead of that canal at Carrolton Avenue near I-10 is long overdue.