Keenan Lewis

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New Orleans Saints Cornerback Keenan Lewis

Post-Practice Media Availability

Friday, August 2, 2013


Are you excited about it being regular football tomorrow?

“Definitely, tomorrow is going to be pads, it’s a live scrimmage so that’s what you can assimilate to a game and hopefully everybody is ready to go.”


Coach Payton has been looking for something out of the scrimmage.  As a player, what do you need to see, more specifically position wise?

“Just get the plays running like that and see how people perform when it’s a live practice like that also because its assimilates a game, so just seeing guys run out there and doing things right.”


There were a lot of pass defenses today in practice, obviously you want interceptions, but can a pass defense be just as important?

“It’s very important to be stopping a guy from catching it, but an interception is what you look forward to.  Those the turnover plays so the offense doesn’t get an opportunity to score so that’s the thing we’ll be working on.”


Asess what you’ve done in camp so far?

“I don’t think I’m where I want to be yet, but that’s what camp is for; To get in shape and get the rust out.  For all summer, you don’t have the opportunity to go one on one with guys so having that opportunity is helping me prepare.”


Rod Sweeting mentioned you as a guy he kind of looks up to. What have you seen out of the rookie?

“A guy (who’s) like me, long arms who can run, make plays on the ball, very physical…I’m looking forward to big things for him this preseason. Like I tell him all the time, come out and give 100 percent as he’s been doing. I’m pretty sure he’ll be a special (player). “


Is this the guy you can take under your wing and mentor a little bit?  

“Definitely, the first day he came in, I told him he could lean on me.  (I’m) A guy who’s been through four camps already, this is number five so, all of the questions and thoughts he needs to ask, I told him he could come to me.  I’ll help him through.”