Roman Harper

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New Orleans Saints S Roman Harper

Post-Practice Media Availability

Thursday, August 1, 2013





With seven days in, can you kind of asses the progress?


“It’s moving along in the right direction. We got more installed in the past couple of days and we have handled it very well. The younger guys are moving along well. I think they did well yesterday but everything we have been doing they start to catch up. Now they are just starting to get the flow.”


It almost seems like you guys are doing a little more there, foreseeing the blitzes and seeing what Drew Brees does. How frustrating is that at times and also realizing your trying to improve but it’s not always showing up immediately.


“It is what it is. I have seen Drew do this for about seven or eight years now. You just got to understand he is not going to give you a lot, so the things that we can actually execute  and actually confuse him on is going to really work in the game. At the end of the day, it is Drew but we got to worry about what we can do on defense and get better at doing that.”


Even though some coaches ask for players opinions about things, where does Rob Ryan fit in that spectrum?


“He’s always worried about, how do we like this, or how do we feel about this, or how do we like this look and if we don’t like something then say something. Especially some of the older guys that have played some ball and got some stripes on the wall (he communicates this with them a lot). He is all about it, where we got to be comfortable and he understands that we play the game. If we are not comfortable then it’s just not going to work. It’s not just about black and white defense if you just put something on the board. Football is not played well that way, it’s played on the field, and it’s played between the lines. The players have to be comfortable there and you got to make plays.”


Does he do that more so than other coaches?


“That is Rob Ryan’s style. I’m not going to say who had more or what. I am not really going to compare apples with oranges. At the end of the day Rob likes for us to be comfortable players about our play. (He wants us to) just go out there and make plays. If you are making plays he is happy with it.”



What’s your view of Kenny Vaccaro at this point?



“I like this guy, he has got some things that you can’t teach. He has got some toughness he has got some fight about him. Those are things that you can’t coach. You don’t want to have to tell your players to be aggressive. It’s always good to have to tell them to come on back a little bit. If we keep him in the yard, he is going to be really good for us.”



Have you told him anything at this point?


“No I don’t tell him anything. I just let him go and we will correct him on Sundays. Right now he is too young for me to be telling him what to do and I coach him up on football stuff, but aggression and things like that I just let him go and if he has got to fight then fight. It’s like (a) playground out here, you got to get it done.”



You know Sean Payton and Drew Brees very well. How would you say their communication their interaction have been this season compared to other seasons after having that year away? What did you first notice about them together?


“They always have (had) a special relationship. They work closely hand in hand. When it comes to the playbook especially in the game plan, how we are going to attack teams. We won’t do too much of things that Drew is uncomfortable with. Sean has a great feel of what Drew likes. Sean has a way of putting everybody in position, exotic formations whether it’s with spirals or having three running backs in he is very, very good with mixing up personnel Drew understands that. It’s really good seeing he has got his (opportunity to) work back together (with coach Payton) again.”


Has anything changed? Is anything different?


“Not in the huddle. They always had a strong bromance. It is what it is.”


As a defender, how much more difficult does it make when the offense is able to run the ball efficiently?


“It makes it so much harder because now you have to actually come up field, really keep your eyes right, but then it makes it better for the offense because now they can pull out, (run) play action, heavy sets. They can bring in 20 personnel, make a throw on third (down and) it just really keeps you balanced, when they are in control of the pace of the game. It really makes it hard on the defense.”