City’s Outdoor Pools Close Early This Summer

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Clebo Holme says, “We swim every day and play basketball in the gym and some of our friends come with us.”

14-year-old Holmes has been to the Lyons Center just about every day this summer, but now he’ll have to come up with new plans.

“Feels like our summer is over already,” says Homles.

With a few weeks left until he’s got to hit the books the city has pulled the plug on NORD pools, closing every outdoor pool a few weeks early this summer.

First Deputy Mayor Andy Kopplin says, “We implemented the police consent decree budgetary this year so almost every department including NORD took a 7% funding cut.”

Kopplin says this summer they’ve had 13 pools open as opposed to 12 last year and only 8 in 2010. Kopplin says the threat next summer lies again in the consent decrees.

“The police consent decree is scheduled to cost about $11-Million next year, up from seven this year, and we’ve got the potential cost of a consent decree with regards to the sheriff’s jail,” says Kopplin.

“I think that it’s just a minor setback and it should get better in a short period of time,” says Uptown resident Wayne Porter.

Uptown resident Gerald Branigan says, “They still have what another month until school? That’s unfortunate because kids have no place to go.”

Whether you’re hopeful or not there are still options this summer. NORD’s two indoor pools, one in Treme and another in New Orleans East, will stay open year round.