FBI Special Agent Shoots & Kills Drug Suspect

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An undercover operation targeting illegal drug activity turned fatal Tuesday in New Orleans East.

An FBI Special Agent reportedly fired the shot that killed a suspect.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details and reaction from the scene.

Emergency workers were seen driving westbound on Bullard Avenue in New Orleans East around 3pm Tuesday.

They were leaving the scene where local, state, and federal agents had responded to an investigation in the back parking lot of the Motel 6.

“When I came downstairs I was going to the store, I seen like over 20 police cars and an ambulance and then I left out and came back they told me I couldn’t get back in my room,” hotel guest Heidi Webb said.

The FBI is leading the investigation that left hotel guests looking on from behind crime tape.

A task force had been conducting surveillance into drug-related activity.

Tuesday’s scene involved one of the suspects.

“Somebody got shot, whoever I talked to say the officer did not get shot they say someone a man got shot in his car back there,” said hotel guest Ceasar Smith. “I’m trying to think what kind of car it is, it’s a car back there.” “Somebody shot in there. Trotter asked, “Dead?” “Dead,” Smith replied.

A spokeswoman with the FBI says the special agent shot and killed a suspect while performing his official duties.

One family visiting from Austria returned to witness the scene; after an afternoon of sight-seeing.

Trotter asked, “Not the kind of thing you want to experience on your vacation? “No, sure not,” hotel guest Niklaus Funk replied. “Really surprised; there’s a lot of police and we can’t drive into park and go into our room.”

Trotter asked, “What did police tell you?” “They told me I couldn’t go in my room, yeah. I’m trying to wait to go back in my motel man,” Smith replied. “It’s hot out here, I’m tired, I want to go to sleep, I’m hungry.”

After about an hour of assisting with matters related to the case, the large contingent of NOPD officers began to move out; leaving the FBI and State Police to carry out the ongoing investigation.

One witness described a gruesome scene in the back of the hotel parking lot.

“Well I’m shocked,” Funk said. “That’s really surprising.” “We were having lots of bad luck but this is some hard stuff.”

An autopsy will be performed Wednesday morning to confirm the cause of death.

The special agent involved in the shooting will remain on duty during an internal investigation.