Pope Francis’s comments on gay priests are right on target

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Just what the doctor ordered.  Pope Francis couldn’t have come at a better time.  The head of the Catholic Church is trying desperately to bring the Church into the 21st century.  The Pope said today that he won’t judge gay priests.  That’s right, he won’t judge gay priests.

On his flight back to the Vatican from Brazil the Pope said “if someone is gay and he searches for The Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

Many from the old school would say “you’re the Pope, so judge! ” But this Pope gets it.  He understands its 2013 not 1913.

The Catholic Church, especially in the United States, is losing its members.  Not so much non-believers, but folks that have decided to not go to church as much or not at all.

The reason is simple:  the Catholic Church is out of touch with most folks.  Statistics show that a clear majority of Catholics in America choose their own moral compass and not the church’s.  Most Catholics in America are pro- choice.  A majority of Catholics in America are for gay marriage too.  Many Catholics in America favor allowing female priests.

For the Catholic Church to survive and prosper, adjustments need to be made.  This Pope seems to embrace those changes.  He better, or the consequences to the Catholic church, especially here in the United States, could be dire.