Jed Collins

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New Orleans Saints Fullback Jed Collins

Post-Practice Media Availability

Monday, July 29, 2013


It seems like in the NFL today you see less and less of the fullback. Cam you just tell us why?


“I think a few years ago they were trying to extinct the fullback but I see the coming back of it. Look at the Super Bowl, two great fullback offenses. A lot of teams are understanding you control the ball with a good run game. I think that’s one of the lessons we’ve learned here. With a solid run game you can control the clock and control the pass game and control the game overall. To have a solid run game here we believe the fullback is a necessity. I’m just hoping to keep earning that job.”


Jimmy Graham is trying to take the next step in his career and have another standout and healthy season. What have you seen from him out here with his overall commitment to getting better?


“Jimmy has grown up a lot since he’s been here. He’s trying to make that jump from good to great and that’s a fight and a battle. It’s something that you look at the guys who have done it like (Drew) Brees and (Darren) Sproles and even guys like Pierre Thomas and those kinds of guys that are out here that do it on a daily basis. That’s the lesson that I think he’s learned that he can’t have the drop in practice because that comes out in the game, he can’t dog it once in practice because that comes out in the game. He’s learned that every day has to be a great day if he wants to be great. You see it in him. He’s hungry. He understands who he is and what he is. It’ll be an enjoyable thing to watch a young man grow up and find greatness.”


Why do you feel like other teams have tried to push the fullback position out?


“It’s a pass happy league right now. Big scores keep the fans in the stands and people think if you can outscore the other team you can win. So a lot of teams have looked at it and said the fullback isn’t athletic enough to be a tight end and he’s not able to do certain things on the field. Myself and other fullbacks throughout the league kind of want to start changing that motto to the fullback can do a lot of the things tight ends can do and kind of flip the switch on it. Coach (Payton) talks about it every day, adding value to the team. As the fullback I’m out here long snapping, short snapping, playing special teams and I’d hold Drew’s helmet if it helps.”


Is it a badge of honor that you are kind of the old breed?


“That is. The guy who was up here before me, (Brian) de la Puente and I have come through a tough road. We talked about that, when you’re a veteran, this is year six for me so I guess I’m in that category, but you learn a lesson. A humbling lesson every year is to see how hungry the young guys are. Putting on pads you’re reminded of that and you’re reminded of what it really takes to make it in this business and it doesn’t matter what age you are you got to find that desperation and that hunger inside you to keep going.”


One of the things that helps you is your receiving skills; you see that more and more in the fullbacks. They want you to be able to catch the football coming out the backfield. It’s almost like a hybrid, tight end/fullback. You fit that mold?


“I try. I’m a secret weapon kind of thing. We have so much focus on the (Marques) Colston’s, the Jimmy Graham’s, the Lance Moore’s and everybody forgets about me and that’s when I receive my touches. I think our offense is built around making them respect my role and respecting me out in routes and I think it will help open things up for everyone else.”


What does the addition of Benjamin Watson at tight end bring?


“Ben’s a great veteran to learn from.”