Community Reacts To The Shooting of a 14 Year Old Boy in the Marigny

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“He didn’t know what the hell to do. He had shot into a shadow and he was scared,” says Phillip Herman.

Herman lives next door to the Landry’s. He ran outside in the middle of the night early Friday morning just seconds after hearing a gunshot.

“He was a shadow. When that shadow moved towards him he got spooked and fired,” says Herman.

Herman says Merritt Landry was hysterical and told his pregnant wife and child to stay inside.

Police say the 14-year-old was ahi in the head in Landry’s fenced in yard.

“You can’t use force unless you feel that your life is in imminent danger,” says Rev. Raymond Brown.

“You over there that is penetrating my property, you who has jumped into my yard, do you have a gun? Do you have a reference? Do you have a resume?” shouts a neighbor.

“I could have said this child was racially profiled. I’m not saying that yet,” says Rev. Brown.

Tempers flared this evening outside the Landry house on the 700 block of Mandeville Street after Trayvon Martin’s name was brought up.

Phillip Herman hopes the shooting doesn’t divide the community and believes Landry was only acting in self defense.

“They are really good people, and with the amount of crime that’s happened in this area I don’t see that they are in the wrong, even in the slightest,” says Herman.