Mingo, the Corn Snake, Visits from the Audubon Zoo

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Mingo, the Corn Snake, Visits from the Audubon Zoo

Audubon Aquarium Invites Public to Vote on Penguin Chick’s Name
Voting runs through July 28 and the winning name will be announced July 29
 Audubon Aquarium recently welcomed three new family members.Hatched in March, the chicks are growing quickly and have joined the penguin colony on exhibit.

Two of the three chicks have already been named- Marina and Skua.

The youngest male chick’s “parents” (Audubon Animal Husbandry staff) are inviting the world’s penguin fans to choose the name of their fuzzy newborn. The contestants are:

  • Gwynne:  Short for “penGWYNNE.” Gwynne is one of Marina’s close friends in the movie, The Pebble and the Penguin.
  • Hubig: A shout out to the Simon Hubig company, of famed New Orleans’ Hubig’s Pie.
  • Pippa: A tribute to both the royal sister and the baby penguin’s efforts to “pip” out of her shell
  • Namibia: Namibia is the furthest-north country in Western Africa, where the African Penguin is often found nesting.