Malcolm Jenkins

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New Orleans Saints Safety Malcolm Jenkins

Post-Practice Media Availability Transcript

Friday, July 26, 2013


Can you talk about the first day of practice?

“I think it went well. Guys are moving with a little bit of pace. I think guys are trying to catch the second wind a little bit, but I think it was good for the first day.” 

Is it encouraging to see the turnovers on team drills?

“We we’re able to get our hands on some of those footballs and come up with a pick and that’s something we definitely want to get back to doing as a defense so, to start out like that, that was definitely encouraging. “

Is there something to be said about a big tall corner back like Keenan Lewis?

 “Yes. If you see the league, and the progression of where the game is going as far as the corner position, those bigger longer guys are starting to really shine in the NFL and Keenan is obviously one of those. He’s got great hips, great feet, and he plays the ball pretty well so we’re excited about his addition to the team.”

You’re talking about Keenan, that’s a special skill in (going beyond) his highest point?

“While we’re talking about the point that he’s tall, he’s long, those corners are starting to really make an impact on the league. You know, 10 years ago, corners were all 5’9 and real quick guys.  Now, you got the longer, taller guys that are making plays on the balls that can still move their hips like a smaller guy and Keenan is definitely one of those and we’re saying that he is a great addition to our defense.”


How about his attitude so far?  What did you notice from him?

He’s hungry. That’s the biggest thing. Since the day they signed him, the next morning he was in the weight room getting it in. I can tell he is definitely motivated to make a huge impact this year.  He’s happy to be back home and definitely, he’s driven.  He knows he has competition with Patrick Robinson and Jabari Greer and I think it’s making it that much better.”

Is it a healthy transition to defense when you have guys that can play man coverage?

“Yes.  I think you know, that’s getting back to what we used to do. Man up and letting more people (cover), you have more people to rush to quarterback (and) give pressure.  That helps, us on the back end because it’s less time to cover as well, it gives the D Line and the blitzers a little bit more time to get there when you got those guys that can just line up and cover receivers.

Is there any extra motivation coming into a training camp knowing it’s the last year of your contract?

“Yes it is.  You just know everything counts. Every opportunity is big and huge. At the same time, I’m motivated every year. Just with the opportunity we have with this team, outside of myself, we have a lot of good people. All we got to do is put the puzzle together to see what happens, but potential doesn’t win any games, so we come out here and every day try to get better than we were the day before and see what happens.”

Rob Ryan said that having Joe Vitt was like a first round draft pick, he really didn’t get to coach in his true role last year.  Having him back in his true role with a combination of him and Rob Ryan, what do you think they can do?

“I think having Joe back in the linebacker room is huge especially for guys like Jon Vilma and Curtis Lofton. Joe has all of the tips in the world. He is seasoned vet in his league, he knows the game and he can break it down (and) put it in understanding. He is very very adjustable too so if Jon Vilma or Curtis has a problem with something, they will work it out and get it fixed so as a defensive coordinator when you have those specific coaches that can be that coordinator in their own position rooms it’s huge and it makes not only the player smarter, but it makes us smarter as a defense.