Lance Moore

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New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Lance Moore 

Post-Practice Media Availability 

Friday, July 26, 2013

I was just talking to Drew about his completion percentage last year, 63.0%. That’s the lowest since he has been a Saint. He still threw for over 5000 yards though. People might say that it’s the beginning of his decline in the mid-thirties but it’s a lot more complicated than that right?

“Yes there’s a lot more to it than that. I think that’s an easy excuse. I guarantee you it won’t happen again. That’s something that he studied throughout the offseason and is something he doesn’t want to replicate. That’s been one thing he has been good at pretty much the whole time he has been here, his completion percentage. He has been one of the best in the league and I guarantee you that will be something that we will be a lot better at this year.”

Why do you think it dipped a little?

“There are probably a lot of reasons. I don’t think there’s any one specific reason. I don’t really know (exactly). I don’t want to speak for him to much but we weren’t really quite as we were in the past on offense all around. We didn’t run the ball well, we weren’t nearly as efficient, and we turned the ball over more. We can do a lot of things better.”

Sean Payton mentioned being behind a lot and chasing points can make you more predictable and stuff like that. It also makes it harder for the quarterback right?

“It does. Anytime you have to throw the ball more, the percentage of turning it over or the defense knowing what you are going to be doing goes up a lot more. Their chances go up a lot more when they know what’s going on.”

You’re kind of the veteran of the wide receiver corps now. Does it feel different for you to be in this position?

“It’s different. It’s kind of cool, kind of uncool to be one of the older guys but I’ve come a long way in my career and to say that I’ve been here for nine years now just as crazy for me as it is for people to hear it. I feel like a have a lot of ball left and I am going to being one of those veteran guys that the young guys can come talk to because that’s all I wanted when I was a young guy, especially the guys who have to come up the hard way, the underrated guys. It doesn’t matter if they are receivers or not. I’m always trying to share my story and let these guys know that I came up the hard way. I was underrated, I was cut three times, and to say that I’m still here after nine years is a pretty cool accomplishment but I will just let them know that if they are willing to put in the work and show up when their number is called, they will get a chance.”

There’s a handful of guys that have one year experience here, (Jarred) Fayson, Saalim Hakim, and obviously (Andy) Tanner. Some people wonder if maybe that is one of the reasons that maybe this team isn’t as good because you don’t have a Devery (Henderson)  or a (Robert) Meachem. What can you tell us about this young crop of receivers that are going to be battling for positions?

“Competition will bring out the best in our guys and we have so many guys that are so closely talented that it’s going to be one of the better competitions to watch during camp. I want everybody to push everybody. It’s not just Marques (Colston) and myself waiting at the top. We want guys to push us and then we will push them so we will all be better at the end of the day.”

Does Drew (Brees) push his receivers?

“Absolutely. It’s funny because you would think that the veteran, starting, and star quarterback would only talk to his veteran guys and Drew is a guy that will talk to, throw balls to, and chat with on the sideline every single guy from 1 to 12 and that’s just the type of guy he is. That’s his character and really the character of the guys on this team because everybody genuinely likes each other and wants each other to do well.”

Keenan Lewis has said that facing off against guys like you and Drew (Brees) makes him better. Has the 3-4 defense given you problems in the past? It seems like it kind of gives you guys some trouble. 

“The 3-4 gives us trouble because we don’t see it as much and to be able to see that every day will do nothing but help us when we come in to the games against the teams that run the 3-4 defense. Not to say that the 4-3 defenses won’t give us trouble ether but once you can see it everyday it will definitely help us out.”

What’s your overall reaction of coming back with Drew (Brees) being on the field and Coach (Sean Payton) being on the field?

“There’s an overall since of normalcy. Just to have everything back to the way it was two years ago is good so we can move forward and not have to worry about hearing things other than (about) football each and every day. We can just go out to work and enjoy getting better each and every day.”

Are you impressed with some of the new members of the team?

“I think we have a great group of guys, especially the draft guys and some of the acquisitions that we got. I think we got a great group and if we continue (to strive to improve) every day we will have a chance”

You played all those years with Devery (Henderson). Is it sad to see a guy like that go or do you realize that it’s part of the business?

“I would say both. It’s sad to see a guy like that go because we were together here for eight years. The first time you come into that meeting room and he isn’t (in) there is a little weird but you understand that that’s part of the business (of pro football). He is in Washington now so I wish him good luck but we still keep in contact. I talked to him two days ago and he was teasing us about how easy their conditioning test was. He is a guy that I played with for a long time and will be my friend forever.”

Is it nice to look over the line and see the defense win some battles occasionally?

“No. I play offense. I don’t want them to win any reps, any routes, or anything. I’d be lying to you if I said it’s nice to see them win. We want to kick their butt every day and when we don’t we are upset. That’s the nature of the business. The competitiveness never leaves us. We would be foolish if we came out here and said well they beat us today. If you can just walk away like that then you are in the wrong business.”

Did you tell Devery (Henderson) it’s about time he gets out and sees the world because he has been in Louisiana his whole life?

“No I didn’t. I talked to him when he was getting ready to sign somewhere. He said he had a couple teams in mind. He said he would love to be here but since he realized that he wasn’t going to be here he moved on and all you can do is wish him good luck, hope he stays healthy, and hope he plays well.”