Accused Mother’s Day shooters and accomplices in court

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Two brothers accused in the Mother’s Day shootings were in court Thursday morning, along with four of the five alleged accomplices who police say helped the brothers hide afterwards.

WGNO’s Jon Huffman reports that six of the seven total defendants were in court for the hearing:

Akein and Shawn Scott were in court because they had no choice. They’ve been in jail since they were arrested and appeared in court in orange jumpsuits and handcuffs.

Defendant Justin Alexander, who is charged as an accomplice in the shooting for allegedly helping to hide the Scott brothers, is free on bond and failed to appear in court.

Judge Robin Pittman ordered an arrest warrant for Alexander and his bond is now revoked.

Meanwhile, one the attorneys for the Scott brothers requested that Judge Pittman impose a gag order, meaning none of the attorneys involved would be able to discuss the case with the public. Judge Pittman said she would consider the request.

No trial dates have been set.