CDC Trying To Pinpoint Source of Mysterious Stomach Bug

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A mysterious stomach bug is moving across the country and could be coming our way.

“You are going to start getting this diarrhea and it`s not going to go away,” says Dr. . Rachel Reitan.

The Centers for Disease Control is tracking close to three hundred cases of a mysterious stomach bug outbreak in eleven states brought on by the cyclospora parasite.

“For some reason it is in this country,” says Reitan.  “You get this profuse diarrhea and the big risk is dehydration.

She says the reason this nasty stomach bug remains a mystery is because the cdc has yet to identify it`s source, “Cyclospora is in Latin America. So we just don`t know who brought it over to us. Why is it now prevalent in the United States. It was brought over to us.”

Dr. Rachel says Louisiana is at risk, “Because Texas is one of the known states to have a few more cases that we would like to see.”

Avoiding the  cyclospora  parasite can be tricky, “You get it from eating contaminated food or contaminated water. It`s mostly on vegetables and fruits.”

Reporter-  “If someone thinks they have this mysterious stomach bug, what should they do?”

Dr. Rachel- “Go to the doctor.  They will draw tests on you to see if you actually have it.  If you do have it they will start you on anti-biotics. The good thing is we can diagnose it and there is a cure.”

Children and the elderly are at the highest risk.

The state with the most cases of cyclospora is Iowa.