Inspector General’s office needs to be created correctly

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The city of New Orleans, long known for inefficiency and corruption in its government, has an effective watchdog working for the citizens.  The Inspector’s General office is a model for not only New Orleans but for the entire region.

Jefferson Parish now has an IG office but its not as powerful or autonomous as the New Orleans office.  The Jefferson Parish office needs tweaking.  The money source needs to be independent from politicians and at a little over $1 million a year, is woefully short to do the job.

St. Tammany Parish  has been thinking about implementing an IG office.  One problem: career politician A.G. Crowe is the guy behind it.  If you thought Jefferson Parishes office comes up short, wait until Crowe’s office gets going, or if it gets going at all.

The whole point of an Inspector General, who essentially is an auditor of tax payer money, is to work for us, not the politicians.  It’s to ensure the tax payer that their money is being spent efficiently.  The New Orleans office does that.  The Jefferson Parish office needs major changes to fully accomplish their goals.  And St. Tammany needs a real leader to establish their office, not AG Crowe.  St Tammany, and their now quarter of a million residence, deserve better than that!