Hoodies for Trayvon Martin Church Service

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   Hoodies were part of the attire for a  Special worship service tonight in the 7th ward.

   Members of Abundant Life Tabernacle say it was their way of honoring Trayvon Martin.

   Support for the fatal shooting victim has been widespread since George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second degree murder nearly two weeks ago.

   Church members at Abundant life says prayers for justice should continue.

    “We just want to show our support to the Martin Family and we also want to let the nation know that it was unfair, it was unjust,” said Karmen McKinley of Abundant Life Tabernacle. “It’s not about color, race, or creed; it’s just about wrong is wrong, and our leader wants to let the world know we stand behind the Martin Family.”

     Another special prayer service is scheduled Saturday at the church to for local victims of crime.