Boil Water Order Cancelled But Repairs On Cohn Street Ongoing

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As of 10.30pm Wednesday crews were still working on Cohn Street.

They say the water main break will now be repaired sometime Thursday.

Several homes Wednesday night in the immediate area were without water. Crews say water pressure will drop again Thursday morning beginning around 8.30am and lasting several hours affecting those homes that were without water Wednesday night.

“Very noisy, very muddy, and very sweaty for the guys out there,” says Joe Perdue.

Perdue lives on the 7800 block of Cohn Street footsteps from a gaping hole about the size of a car. It was created when a 1920’s vintage water main pipe busted.

“It looked like Katrina all over again,” says Gerald Williams.

On Tuesday morning residents in the Carrollton neighborhood awoke to flooded streets. The Sewerage & Water Board called for a boil water advisory affecting thousands from South Carrollton to Jackson Avenues and Maple and Loyola streets to the river.

This afternoon the boil water advisory was lifted, and by tonight the water main break should be repaired.

“You can’t hardly get to where you want to stay at. You got to go this way. You got to go that way; back in pull over there you know,” says Williams.

Carrollton resident Brian Pardalis says, “A little noisy, but they got to do what they got to do. At least they’re fixing the problem.”

The noises and inconveniences won’t be going away any time soon. The Sewerage & Water Board say- road repairs won’t be complete until next Thursday or Friday.

Sewerage and Water Board executive director Marcia St. Martin says, “But again that’s dependent on weather, because we have to allow all that water to dry out before we restore the surface.”

Authorities say the last time this happened Uptown was about 12 years ago. This time they anticipate taking care of 10 to 20 claims, most of them damaged cars. It’s an inconvenience that’s the price we pay to live in a city with so much history.

“It’s life, you have to take it as it comes,” says Perdue.

Authorities are still investigating the cause, but say the pipe was most likely too old. Marcia St. Martin says they are working to get into the habit of doing more preventative maintenance using funds from FEMA.

Residents that were affected by the boil water advisory should get a one day credit on their water bill.