NOPD Trying To Crack Kitty Cat Caper

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The Mushroom music store Uptown attracts a pretty eclectic crowd.  Few things raise eyebrows there.  But that wasn’t the case last Thursday.

“He clearly had a gun visible in his waistband,” said the store’s owner and manager, Christopher Hummel.

He was talking about a robber who emptied the store’s register.  Hummel says the bandit was all business despite a very cute witness to the crime.

“I’m holding a kitty while the whole thing is going on,” Hummel said.

The kitten was a stray that an employee planned to take home.  Hummel happened to be holding it when the robber arrived.

It was a black cat, but that didn’t change the robber’s luck.  Police released security camera video of the heist, hoping to get some leads.

Hummel says the four-legged friend was one of the first things he pointed out to police who were responding to the attack.

“I just got robbed while holding a kitten.  That’s just not right.”


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