St. John Parish Councilman Arrested After Firing Shots

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A St. John Parish Councilman found himself on the other side of the law this weekend.

WGNO News Darian Trotter has details and reaction from neighbors.

“I’m very very surprised, because my councilman is very loving, very warm,” neighbor Yevette Scioneaux. “It had to be something that; wow, it’s very very surprising.”

News of Councilman Ranney Wilson’s arrest is sending shock waves through St. John Parish.

Sheriff’s deputies were called to Wilson’s home, in the 800-block of Garyville Northern Street, around 6:30 p.m. Saturday about a family dispute with his 26-year old son; that allegedly ended in gunfire.

“Had in fact had a disturbance with his son and he had used a handgun and had fired multiple shots into his son’s vehicle in an attempt to prevent him from leaving the residence,” Sheriff Mike Tregre said.

Sheriff Tregre says Wilson cooperated with deputies, and turned over his handgun.

The long-time councilman was booked with aggravated assault, illegal use of a firearm, and aggravated criminal damage to property.

Neighbor Yevette Scioneaux was shocked, but spoke with empathy.

“For a father to resort to that type of action on his son it had to be something to really really get him upset; really to get him angry and as a mother of seven children I know sometimes your kids get you to that point to almost a breaking point but we still have to think before we react,” Scioneaux said.

There was no response at the door. However, the 2006 ford pick-up remained disabled in the family’s driveway Monday afternoon.

Damage to the rear and side windows was hard to miss.

“I just encourage the public to pray for him because it’s something probably deeper than what we know,” Scioneaux said.

This was not the first time Wilson has been arrested after a family dispute

In 1990 he had a physical altercation with a relative and was booked with simple assault and battery charges.