4-Year Old Genius Sits Down to Chat Up Wild Bill

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Her name is Anala Beevers. She knew the alphabet when she was 4 months old.  Now, she’s 4 years old.  She knows all the state capitals.  Her IQ is so high,  Anala’s been invited to join MENSA, the club for people with high IQ’s.
Our IQ-challenged Wild Bill Wood sits down to chat with her.


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  • tremelda cobb

    I loved the piece of Anala. I also have a genius. Her name is Morgan. Morgan is 6 and a member of Mensa. Morgan began reading around 6 Months of age. She now reads on a college level.Videos of Morgan reading can be found on my youtube page tcobb434. I’m am so proud of these young, gifted and talented young ladies! Congrats Anala

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