Baby Adelaide: Princess Fit For A King Born At Touro Uptown

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William and Kate’s baby is just one of over 300,000 babies born every day around the world. WGNO Anchor Vanessa Bolano went on a hunt to find a pint sized New Orleanian fit for this future king!

Weighing in at 7lbs, 15 ounces and born just a few hours before the royal baby mother Jessica Skelly says Adelaide is already a princess.

“It’s thrilling to have a new one. All the pain goes away when you look at them,” says Skelly.

Adelaide was born Uptown at Touro. The hospital is a whopping 4,600 miles from London. Surprisingly, neither the distance nor the pains kept mom from losing focus.

“We enjoyed watching the coverage all day today, and I think Adelaide is excited because she potentially has a future king to marry,” says Skelly.

A total of 13 babies born at Touro Infirmary now share their birthday with a royal.

Touro OBGYN Dr. Quinn Peeper says, “Most of my patients today were commenting that they were hoping it would be a girl.”

Dr. Peeper studied in England while Prince William was born. He says overseas there’s a saying: “Women are too posh to push.” He says many schedule C-sections instead, but not Kate.

“The announcement was made that she was going to push before the birth, but of course people are still waiting to hear exactly as many details of the delivery that can be revealed,” says Dr. Peeper.

For now details from the royals remain tight lipped. All that we know is that the future king of England has been delivered. He’s third in line to the throne, and his princess baby Adelaide awaits.