Prayer Service Held for Murdered 6 Year Old’s Family

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With heavy hearts the family of 6-year-old Ahlittia North walks into the Regular Baptist Church.

 Men, women and children have come together to pray for this grieving family.

 Ahlittia’s life was brutally cut short. The 6-year-old’s mangled was body dumped in a garbage can covered with stab wounds and bruises.

 “A young lady like that hadn’t even started life yet,” says parishioner Alfred Cager.

 “It’s pitiful, a 6-year-old child like that. My heart goes out to her mother,” says

 It’s understandably too much for her mother to handle. She tells us she can’t return to her apartment. All the memories are just too painful. Lisa North Hill plans to move.

 She says although her daughter’s accused killer is family 20-year-old Matthew Flugence should get the death penalty, a sentence many here agree sounds just.

 “Yes i believe he deserves the death penalty,” says parishioner Keiana Smith says, “people like that, they don’t deserve to walk the streets.”

 “Thats up to the justice because i cant make that decision but God will take care of him,” says Alfred Cager.

 Flugence faces first degree murder charges which means he could face the death penalty.

 Ahlittia North’s funeral is set for Monday at 11am in Donaldsonville at the First Baptist Church.

 You can make donations to the Ahlittia North benefit at any Capital One Bank or Regions Bank.