Matthew Flugence in Custody

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The man accused of staMATTHEW_FLUGENCEbbing six-year-old Ahlittia North is in custody.

According To Sheriff Newell Normand, 20-year-old Matthew Flugence was apprehended at 10 p.m. Tuesday.

Deputies found Flugence walking in the 800 block of Victory Drive, along the Westbank Expressway in Westwego.

During the arrest, Normand says Flugence was carrying a knife. He was taken to the Criminal Investigations Bureau for questioning.

Normand says he will be booked and charged with first-degree murder and with sexual battery for an outstanding warrant.

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  • Tom

    The reason for this kind of problem is sin. And sin is the refusal to follow principles for living as outlined by God. Instead of God, America’s god is sex. And America has an insatiable desire for it. Explicit sex is in movies, magazines, newspapers, commercials, music, music videos, pictures, cell phones, internet, personal internet videos, texts, movies, sitcoms, jokes, poems, children’s conversations, and other places that I may have missed. These all turn what is supposed to be a private affair into voyeuristic entertainment. It is so blatant until children are influenced by this unrelenting flaunting. Many people may mistakenly think that this over-saturation of sex does not affect our children but it does because it makes sex the number one goal to be obtained, especially by young boys, to the degrading of young girls. This current drive of homosexuality is a major part of it as well because after all, what is homosexuality all about? It is about same-sex sex. So homosexual sex is a major part of what children hear about all the time. Then, without boundaries and any sense of morality, some boys grow up with the same uncontrolled, primal, and juvenile instincts. But now they are men, still seeing little girls as sexual objects just as they saw them when they were younger. But only now, they are stronger, craftier, and can take advantage of them more easily. If you think for one moment that this over-saturation of sex isn’t contaminating the minds of children who become sexually contaminated adults, then you are fooling yourself. God made sex to be for marriage between a man and a woman, and as a private affair. If that principle were abided by, we would not be having these conversations.

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