Float Graveyard: Where do Mardi Gras Floats Go To Die?

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KENNER, LA (WGNO) – Have you ever wondered where some Mardi Gras floats go when they can no longer be part of the parades?

Some floats end up in Mardi gras float “graveyards” or lots like this one in Kenner on Albany St.

“You look at all these floats and they look really lonely.  Kind of odd when you look at them here,”  Rhonda Palassie said.

Every day when Palassie looks out her window at work she sees the skeletons of these floats that once were.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if people were loading the floats up with beads, cups, and doubloons?”

The owner of the lot said he had plans to repair the floats, but recently got sick and hasn’t been able to fix them.

“They look weathered, but anything can be refurbished if you put enough effort into it,” Palassie said.

Mr. Mardi Gras himself, Carl Mack of Carl Mack Presents Inc. believes all floats whether resurrected or not…had their day in the sun.

“They will live on through the memories of the people and the memories of the people who stood there to catch the beads.  It’s really sad to see floats pass away, but floats like any other kind of life are something to celebrate,”  Mack said.