Custom-designed Doggy Dye Jobs

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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Zao and Zuka love to be the center of attention and with colorful coats like this, it’s never a problem.

“It’s definitely interesting, I think it’s pretty cool, unique, but very New Orleans,” says neighbor Becky Brennan.

Professional makeup artist and mom to these precious pups is Margo Clark. She customizes each stencil and creates every design herself.

“It’s something different and it’s fun, New Orleans is a very festive town I think it’s perfect to have a colored dog for all the festivities.”

In order to show you how it’s done. I brought along my best friend Jazmine for her first dye job.

“The dye is actually a vegan dye, it doesn’t have any ammonia or bleach so it doesn’t hurt their skin. I get more people who love it than hate it,” says Clark.

The entire process takes less than an hour but can last longer depending on the design.

“It’s only a couple minutes added to their groom time so it’s not stressful for them… This is complete pampering, it’s not torture and it does not hurt them, they do not mind it at all. They get so much love and attention out in the streets that it really does bring out a personality in them,” says Clark.

Now that Jazzy’s transformation is complete, let’s see what the neighbors think of her new look.

“I think it’s dope, I think it’s another way to have everybody’s animal be a little bit more unique, this is cute, it’s like Barbie dogs,” says one of Clark’s neighbors.

For now, Clark is just having fun with her pets but she says she could see this turning into a business down the road. “In a place like New Orleans, absolutely.”

If you would like to contact her regarding your own pet, visit her Facebook page: