Garden District Home Invasion Robbery

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New Orleans Police are investigating a home invasion robbery.

It happened in the garden district, on busy Magazine Street.

As police search for the armed suspects, we learn more about what they say you can do to stay safe from WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter.

“It’s just shocking to know that that would happen in this neighborhood,” neighbor Tia Kolasa said.

People who live in The Garden District are on heightened alert; after police say one of their neighbors was robbed at gunpoint.

It happened around 4:20 early Sunday morning, in the 2300 block of Magazine Street.

Police say the victim was in the back parking lot of his apartment building, when he was approached by two armed men; who eventually forced him inside and robbed him.

It’s disturbing news to neighbors.

“I always feel really safe here,” Andrew Jones said. “Always think of it, as a pretty safe area and I’m out late at night too so it’s pretty scary.”

Even scarier for Tia Kolasa.

She’s come to look at an apartment at the building turned crime scene.

“It’s odd but I guess it could happen anywhere,” Kolasa said.

Trotter asked, “Won’t make you feel differently about moving here? I don’t think it’ll make me feel different, Kolasa replied.”

New Orleans Police have not yet made an arrest, but they’re following strong leads in the case.

Meantime, Lieutenant Frank Young is asking neighbors to be cautious and use good common sense.

“If they’re coming home late at night, make a lap around the block, check and see if anyone is following you,” Young said. “If you’re coming into a dark driveway, such as this one, drive past your drive way; maybe look down the driveway.” “Call ahead if you come home at 4:20 in the morning.”

Trotter asked, “What will you do differently? “I’m not going to go out late at night anymore,” Jones replied. “Definitely keep the doors locked like I usually do.” “I guess just be more vigilant.”

Jones continued, “Every time, I go outside I look both ways and look up and down the driveway to make sure nothing suspicious is going on.”

The 29-year old victim says the robbers took his cell phone and car keys.

His neck was bruised during the ordeal, but he refused medical treatment.

If you have information about the crime, call Crimestoppers at (504) 822-1111.