Clarkson Says No-Show Staffers Will Return Monday

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New Orleans City Council President Jackie Clarkson had a bit of a mutiny on her hands Friday.

Clarkson’s five staff members were no-shows at work.  Clarkson says she worked her crew too hard and was impolite in the process so they decided to take the day off.

Clarkson says the absences stem from an especially hectic day Thursday during the regular council meeting.  She said she had to give orders with little or no deference for her staff.

“Would I work  for me?  No,” Clarkson told WGNO News from her office Friday afternoon which was operating with substitute staffers.

Clarkson also said she has the best staff of any council members and the heavy work load would continue on Monday which is when she expect her crew to return.

“I don’t think anybody needs to apologize to anyone.  I think it’s just a question that we need to discuss it.”

Clarkson will retire from the council next spring.  She says she has no plans to run for any other offices.

Friday, despite the missing staffers, Clarkson said the office ran as usual.