City Guys Take On The Swamp and Alligators

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For a big city guy like Louie Cordova…the swamp is a mystery.

“Usually most of my vacations are to London or Paris.  This is my first time on the bayou, so it’s different.  I actually wanted to come here after seeing Beasts of the Southern Wild,” he said.

For International visitors like Lars Ulrich these marsh lands are something he’s only dreamed of.

“It will be an adventure,”  Ulrich said.

Adventure is the name of the game at Swamp Adventures where Captain Gary knows all there is to know about swamp life.

“Take the myth out that the swamp is a dirty, old place.  I want to make people realize how beautiful the swamp really is.  It’s like paradise with a kick.  The kick is you could die anytime,”  he said.

He knows a lot about alligators.

“They are born with 75 to 80 teeth.  They need a good gator dentist.  Alligators have two lenses in their eyes.  One of the lenses is for when they are underwater, and the other when they go above water.”

Captain Gary sometimes needs to use his special “voodoo touch” on the alligators to calm them down.

“It puts them in focus.  Helps them focus on something rather than on everything else around them,”  he said.

He’s been bitten by a baby gator and said it’s not pretty.   “It felt like a mousetrap with a bunch of needles stuck onto my finger.”

One thing he’s learned is the swamp can be very unpredictable.

For city guys Louie and Lars their swamp tour is something they will never forget.

“It made me realize that there’s more to Louisiana than New Orleans, and more to New Orleans than just Bourbon Street.  I learned a lot about the bayou and what it has to offer,”  Cordova said.

“For a city person this is completely different than what I’m used to,”  Ulrich said.

For more information on Swamp Adventures:

To book a tour:  504-810-3866