Judge Says Clerk of Court Won’t Close Her Courtroom

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The Orleans Parish Clerk of Criminal Court, Arthur Morrell, says he could close a courtroom as early as tomorrow because his office cannot provide the staffing required.

Morrell says the Landrieu Administration is failing to provide his office with enough money to hire and train workers.  Morrell made the comments in a news release Tuesday night; he specifically mentioned Section A which is the courtroom of Judge Laurie White.

Judge White tells WGNO News that her court will be open tomorrow.  She also says she is the only one who can close it.  White also said that Morrell has other ways he could get money to fund his office.  She said he could be held in contempt of court if he fails to provide the needed support staff for the court.

Deputy Mayor Andy Kopplin also issued a response to Morrell’s announcement.  Kopplin said the clerk overspent his budget and needs to be a better steward of the tax payer dollars.