Witness: “Officer Rodney Thomas died doing his job”

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A New Orleans East man says he saw NOPD Officer Rodney Thomas on the high-rise before he was hit and killed.

Restaurant co-owner Michael Dummett can`t shake from his mind watching the policeman`s heroic efforts, only later to discover was fatal hit and run victim Officer Thomas.

Dummett has a message for everyone, including the officer’s family.

“It needs to be reported that he just didn`t die standing up outside his car at the accident. This man was trying to avoid other people getting into an accident of perhaps lose their life.”

Dummett  says when he passed on the high-rise  it was dark, no flares or flashlight and he did not see Thomas’s crashed police car till the last moment, “If he did not get out of his car to do this (motions arms) folks would have just careened right into the back of the car.”

Once news broke about the fatal hit n run, Dummett says he immediately recognized the fallen officer from Big Shirley’s, “ I`ve seen him in our restaurant before. He was a nice well-spoken gentleman. Really nice.”

Dummett says he doesn`t know Officer Thomas’s family but he hopes they hear his testimony, “He died doing his job. So I really feel like Serpas lost one of his good guys. That`s definitely my message.  He was serving to the bitter end.”