Marketers are right to promote New Orleans as a gay destination

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Tourism is one of our city’s economic engines.  New Orleans’ economy would take a severe hit without the nearly 10 million tourists a year that visit our city.  The city’s Tourism and Marketing Board’s job is to promote our city as a destination for everyone: including gay tourists.

That’s right, the city is going after America’s gay population.  Even though our wacky right-leaning state isn’t about to pass a gay marriage act, tourism officials in New Orleans understand exactly how their bread is buttered.

New Orleans has always been home to thousands and thousands of homosexuals.  We’ve always embraced the gay community openly, especially in the French Quarter and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Now city tourism officials want to take advantage of that and the fact that gay marriage is legal in many states.  They want the gay tourist in America to consider New Orleans when traveling, or ideally to celebrate a honeymoon in our town.

The city is marketing New Orleans as a gay destination in states and cities where gay marriage is legal.  The city’s Tourism and Marketing arm has always done a good job promoting our wonderful city.  Going after the affluent, well-traveled gay tourist is simply the right thing to do.

New Orleans life blood is out tourism industry.  Promoting our city to all viable visitors is the way to go.  Even if they’re gay.