Former Brennan’s Employees Want Paycheck They’ve Already Earned

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Former Brennan’s employees looking forward to their final paycheck were told there will be no final paycheck.

Cut loose one week ago, Katherine Coon says Friday was supposed to be the final payday, “We were informed by accounting today that there will be no more paychecks. We are all looking for jobs. We all needed that last pay check. It’s time for rent to be paid.”

What Coon says  upsets these out of work restaurant professionals most,  it was their money, “These are our tips. They hold them for two weeks and then pay us. It is not wages.”

She says one co-worker “did” get in touch with the owner, “Spoke to Blake Brennan himself and was told I am sorry for you and your employees. There is nothing I can do.”

WGNO reached out to the Brennan family who says they have no comment at this time, other than the entire family will meet on Saturday to hammer out a plan.

Out a job and now out a paycheck, Coon says she and other former employees better find work fast or they could be out on the streets.

Reporter- “You’d rather work here?”

Coon –  “Absolutely. Yes. Yes. Yes. That’s a unanimous yes. We’d much rather work here. Where we are used to and everybody is family.”

Coon says most workers have sympathy and support for the “current” management at Brennan`s.

They just feel it`s reasonable to ask for a pay check they`ve already earned.


  • Cassandra

    i'd like to correct something about that…we don't have sympathy for our "current" management…we had sympathy for our FORMER management which includes Ted, Bridget, Alana Brennan. NOT the current/absent mgmt Blake, Clark, Shannon etc.

  • Guest

    It is because of the former management team that that restaurant went into foreclosure in the first place. A better word would be "mis-management". But let's be real, Ralph Brennan did a major double cross here of his own family members and put 100 people out of work, the real tragedy in this.

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