Happy 200th Birthday City of Covington

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For people in Covington, commemorating the city’s 200th birthday on the 4th of July will be a day always to remember.

Mayor Mike Cooper says planning the grand bicentennial celebration held at Bayou Afalya  took more than a year, “I’m very excited to be Mayor at this time in Covington’s history.

Covington was born independence day 1813 as the town of Wharton.

“The town was later named Covington in 1816 after general Leonard Covington,” says Cooper

Only one man at Covington’s bicentennial can say he was here for Covington’s centennial.

At 103, Philip Sharp is Covington’s oldest citizen.

“That’s a big deal. 200 years,” says Sharp. “There’s been a big change. They had grocery stores, butcher shops; saloons and they had dirt streets.”

Mayor Cooper encourages people in his  bicentennial message to enlighten children with the city`s  rich history so they can lead Covington to its  sester-centennial  on Independence Day 2063.