Ferry Riders Use Fireworks To Stoke Support

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As smilies gather to celebrate freedom, others who work or depend on business from across the river feel trapped by the changes DOTD has made to the Algiers to Canal Street Ferry.

Algiers resident Hillary Moise says, “If they close the ferry or we don’t have the proper times and they don’t let us pay a toll this neighborhood will die.”

Concerned resident Annette Watt says, “Here we have 1,500 people every day are being denied access to their jobs.”

Connie Burks with Friends of the Ferry says, “This has been running since 1827. It’s not going to go down on our watch.”

It’s no coincidence that concerned residents have linked up with Friends of the Ferry tonight. It’s a chance for thousands to read their signs and feel their pain.

The group wants the governor to honor the City Counsel’s motion. They want pedestrians to pay for a ride across the river, saying a paid ride would solve budget woes and allow the ferry to operate until midnight seven days a week.

Concerned resident George Hubbell says, “They took the toll off the bridge therefore the ferry should be free also, but to get it back it’s worth the buck.”

“We need to pay and the idea that we are not allowed to pay is unacceptable,” says Burks.

“A whole community understands that to pay a fare is like getting on a bus and paying to ride a bus, so we are really begging our governor to please put the fares on the ferry so we can have these extended hours so people can get to work,” says New Orleans City Councilwoman Kristen Palmer.