Coast Guard Find Missing Bridge City Teen Lost at Sea Off the Coast of Honduras

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A 16-year-old Bridge City girl lost at sea off the coast of Honduras is coming home.

“We had actually given up last night. We felt in our hearts she was gone,” says Amber’s “Nana” at home with family. “I was fixin’ to say, thank you Jesus!”

Missing since last Saturday, the United States Coast Guard rescued Amber Burkett and seven others stranded on the same 28- foot boat chartered from the island of Utila.

Amber’s mom says the U.S. embassy in Honduras called to say her daughter is safe, “They confirmed that she was one of the passengers. No one is hurt. No injuries.”

She says Amber will stay overnight at a hospital on the island of Roatan, then fly back to the United States on Saturday, “She was so excited about going on this trip.”

Family says the Honduras police and navy were also helpful finding Amber.  They’ll rendezvous with Amber at the airport in Houston on Saturday.

A phone call from Honduras came while WGNO was at her home.   Amber was put on speaker phone  calling from the hospital:

Mom: “How are you doing baby?”

Amber: “I`m not doing so good.”

Mom: “What`s wrong?”

Amber: “I think I ate too much too fast. I haven`t eaten in five days my stomach couldn’t handle it.”

Mom: “I`m sorry baby that I can`t get there. I tried. There’s no flights out.”

Amber: “It`s alright. It’s alright. At least I get to come home and see you. The whole time I was on the boat, I just prayed. I got to tell you, I love you one more time.”

Mom: “I know baby. I know.”