Saints sideline reporter Kenny Wilkerson died like he lived: smiling and loving life

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How one handles life is important, but how one handles death may be even more important and definitely more telling.

Former Saints radio sideline reporter and talk show host Kenny Wilkerson died over the weekend.  He was just 52.  Kenny was Buddy Diliberto’s side kick for over 15 years, primarily reporting from Saints camp with the latest on a team he loved.  He loved the team as a native New Orleanian and fan and he loved covering the team as a radio personality.

When Kenny told me he had stage 4 cancer, which in most cases is terminal, he never once complained.  Never once was bitter.  Never asked anyone for anything.   Never questioned God or why this was happening to him.  Actually quite the opposite.  Kenny just smiled and continued on with life never missing a beat.  He did his television sports talk show and he embraced a new chapter in his professional life, entertaining and informing people about the city he loved, operating a carriage in the French Quarter.

Kenny spent much of his childhood growing up in the French Quarter.  Kenny loved the history of our great city.  And Kenny loved animals.  All kinds of animals.  If you ever went to his farm on the North Shore you would have known that.  Horses, pigs, goats, and of course too many dogs and cats to count.

How we live is one thing, and doing it well can be tough.  But how we respond facing the absolute toughest challenges of our lives is another.  Kenny Wilkerson faced the ultimate toughest challenge in his life and handled it like a champion.  Rest in peace, Kenny.  And tell Buddy D we all said hi.