Mayor Landrieu: move City Hall into old Charity Hospital

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How about this idea: Mayor Mitch Landrieu wants to move City Hall and Civil District Court into the old and abandoned Charity Hospital.

According to the Mayor’s Press Secretary Tyler Gamble, Mayor Landrieu has moved forward with plans to move into the hospital building that has been abandoned since Hurricane Katrina. The city is using a $600,000 bill to maintain curren City Hall amenities as a reason to move.


Here is the info provided by the mayor’s administration:

The Landrieu Administration has developed a concept (described in the attached presentation) to transform Charity Hospital into a Civic Center.  The idea is to put a historic, blighted building in the heart of downtown back into commerce, while moving city government from outdated, inefficient buildings into an iconic, functional space. We continue to work with the state and other partners to further develop this plan.

About funding:

During the Regular Legislative Session, the State committed $13 million of the $100 million in state funding requested to refurbish Charity Hospital, which is a blighted state property.   The Civic Center project is proposed to be funded by a combination of city-issued revenue bonds, state funding, FEMA funding, Recovery Dollars, new market tax credits, and historic tax credits.

About the Capital Improvement Plan:

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a five-year program for expenditures by the City of New Orleans for permanent physical improvements. The CIP is prepared and adopted annually by the City Planning Commission and is presented as a recommendation to the Mayor and the City Council. Each year, the plan identifies the physical needs of the City’s agencies, estimates the costs of proposed projects, and recommends expenditures and sources of funding for priority capital improvements. As such, the CIP plays an integral role in the process of formulating the City’s annual capital budget.

On July 12, the CAO submits Capital Projects Revenue Estimates to the City Planning Commission. The City Planning Commission staff then performs a detailed analysis of the requests and prepared the draft capital improvement plan. The City Planning Commission staff then present an initial draft of the plan to the City Planning Commission’s Planning and Special Projects Committee, which works with the staff to provide guidance and set priorities. The staff then prepare the draft plan for presentation at the City Planning Commission’s public hearing.

In the 2013-2017 CIP over $733 Million of funding was requested however only $104 Million was funded for the 2013 Capital Budget.

Click here for the PDF: CNO Civic Center Presentation