3 Alarm Fire Destroys New Orleans East Townhouse

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FIRE A three alarm fire destroyed a home in New Orleans East and put fire fighters through their paces.

Darian Trotter takes a look at how searing temperatures created challenges for fire crews.

“Around 3 o’clock, we got a call for a dwelling fire,” said New Orleans Fire, acting Deputy Chief Chris Mickal.

The two-story townhouse was engulfed in flames within a matter of minutes.

It was the kind of fire that drew attention and concern from neighbors, in the 6-thousand block of Boeing Drive, in New Orleans East.

“I came out to the door all I saw was flames,”  The fire was so high all the way up there to the sky.”

“When I came out the door, seen beaucoup smoke; so I came around here and I was like oh Lord you could feel all the heat just hitting you,” neighbor Lacrease Marks said.

Neighbors say the home had been vacant and in a state of disrepair since Hurricane Katrina.

Fire officials say the condition of the mostly wooden structure is what caused the fire to burn so hot.

It melted the siding on an adjacent home, shutters on a home across the street, and that’s not all.

Heat from the fire damaged this parked car.

“Her car was parked out here and the flames just melted everything,” Marks said. “Look at that.”

If intense heat damaged nearby objects, just imagine the effect the heat had on fire fighters wearing hot, heavy gear.

“You exhaust people a lot faster in this heat,” Mickal said.

Deputy Chief Chris Mickal says a total of 65-firefighters were dispatched.

Because of the heat factor, they worked in rotation.

“Sometimes their blood pressure is monitored, their medical and all of that,” Mickal said. “The main thing is to rotate them out not over work them. Injuries happen when you end up overworking them.”

“They did an awesome job, they kept the other houses from burning,” Marks said. “They done a beautiful job.”

No one was injured in the fire. The cause is still under investigation.