Time to tear down New Orleans’ World Trade Center

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What’s wrong with some New Orleanians?   Do they not get out much?  Do they not see how the rest of the world works?

The latest and greatest from some in the Crescent City is the strange desire to save the old World Trade Center building.  The abandoned 1960’s era building sits on the mighty Mississippi River at the foot of Canal and Poydras Streets – arguably one of the most desirable real estate locations in the South, in the CBD just a few feet from the French Quarter.

Mayor Mitch Landreiu will soon choose which direction the city will go in with the property.  The leading proposal calls for tearing the old building down and replacing it with a world class monument or new modern symbol of our city.  Some extremely short sighted New Orleanians, who are obviously used to seeing the building as part of our skyline, want to save it.  They think it’s architecturally significant.  Architecturally significant to whom?  The old World Trade Center building is empty.  It’s old.  It’s outdated.  It served its purpose.  It’s time to move on.  It’s time to tear down the old World Trade Center and build something iconic in its place.  A symbol of New Orleans today and into the future.  Not something from its forgotten past.