We’re counting on Kenneth Polite to pick up where Jim Letten left off

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The baton has been passed.  Well, not quite officially yet, but it’s just a matter of time now: President Obama has taken Senator Mary Landrieu’s advice and has nominated Kenneth Polite, Jr. to run the local U.S. Attorney’s office.

Polite will take over for Jim Letten.  Let’s hope he gets the same results that Letten achieved.  Letten’s run was nothing short of amazing.  One can easily argue that the former U.S. Attorney was the single greatest crime fighter this city’s ever seen.  For over a decade Letten reeled ’em in.  If you were a politician or contractor within the Eastern District of Louisiana and you were up to no good, there was a pretty good chance Letten was going to get you.

Letten was a difference maker. Hopefully Polite can be the same.  The credentials certainly are there: valedictorian at DeLaSalle high school, Harvard undergrad, Georgetown Law, experience handling tough cases in New York.

If Kenneth Polite, Jr. can duplicate just a fraction of what Letten accomplished, he’ll be successful.  We desperately need that from Polite.  We still have a lot more cleaning to do in metro New Orleans.  The fight is far from over.  Jim Letten started the clean up.  Hopefully Polite can finish the job.