NOPD Makes Arrest For Murder Of AmeriCorps Worker

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Thursday night, the NOPD announced the arrest of Glen Emerson for the murder of AmeriCorps worker Joseph Massenburg.

Massenberg was gunned down in April on Eagle Street.

18-year-old Emerson was taken into custody at an apartment in New Orleans East.

He faces one count of second degree murder.

Officers identified Emerson as a suspect several weeks ago.  They say they weren’t able to find and arrest him until they received an anonymous tip.

“We don’t know who they are.  We really want to thank them,” said NOPD Sergeant Nick Gernon.  “We want to thank anyone else who might be wiling to come forward in the future in this case.”

Police say Emerson drove the getaway car used in the attack.  The believe at least one more person was involved, and they’re hoping someone will come forward with a tip that leads them to him.