Dat Truck Fest Unites Food Trucks, Coalition and Dat Dog

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Dat Dog along Freret Street played host to Dat Truck Fest Wednesday night to show what happens when food trucks do business next to a restaurant also doing business.

“We’re getting customers, they’re getting customers,” says Rachel Billow, founder of New Orleans Food Truck Coalition.

Billow says the coalition now has backing to change regulations which required food trucks to keep six hundred feet away from restaurants, “We’ve got the support of the city council. We also have support from the mayor’s office.”

After a tough era of amending laws and challenging ordinances, Barrie Schwartz from My House NOLA says people in the New Orleans food truck industry can finally say, things are looking up, “It’s better and it’s going to get better.”

Schwartz says My House NOLA has been organizing food truck events for the past year and takes pride bringing food trucks, restaurants and city government together,  “It’s a restaurant partnering with food trucks to bring more commerce to the neighborhood.”

The city council will also vote in July to increase time limits and make available one hundred more permits,” Those ordinances look a lot friendlier to food trucks,” says Schwartz.

She says their theory of being successful working with restaurants rather than against them is being proven true.

If passed, new ordinances will take effect in September or October.

“It’s fantastic. We will become an even greater food destination than we were before,” says one customer in line.

As Dat Truck Fest came to a close, all food trucks sold out of food and Dat Dog says sales exceeded expectations.

To learn more visit:

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