Mayors vote for marijuana control

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Mayor Landrieu is in Las Vegas the annual conference of mayors, and the big news out of the meeting: the mayors voted to ask the president to let them decide what to do with marijuana.

Federal law says pot is illegal, but the mayors want the power to legalize it, if they think it will be good for the community.


  • King Marcell

    THC is the safest drug known to man. No one, i mean, no one has died from smoking marijuana. Alcohol and nicotine is doing all of the damage to people, and it is also grown from earth. It calms people down. Come on now, my girl is paying over $1000 in court fees for getting caught with a $2.50 blunt that wasnt even being smoked. Legalize it.

    • King Marcell

      Write down a list of good and bad things that alcohol does to you. Then a list of the nicotine, cigarettes, cigars, etc. Then a list of what marijuana does to you and tell me which one should be legalized the most.

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