To Secede? That Depends On What Your Definition Of the Word “Is” Is

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To Secede? That Depends On What Your Definition Of the Word “Is” Is

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During his legal troubles over Monica Lewinsky(1) Bill Clinton once tried to distinguish between “is” and “Is” claiming the former was harmless but the latter was damning, with a nickname like “Slick Willie” which do you think he confessed to using? Yesterday in a Senate hearing room, FBI Director Robert Mueller sounded Clintonian. After admitting that “the Bureau” “IS” using drones over the United States (2), Mueller quickly backpedaled saying drones are used in a “very minimal way and very seldom”. Senator Grassley of Iowa might have responded in a Clintonian manner, saying “seldom as in 5 seconds per minute or 5 hours per day?”

Now, I am not surprised in the least that “the Bureau” is flying over this TV studio right now and has been since remote helicopters were invented. What I AM shocked by is the king-like powers “the Bureau” is wielding in an apparent race against NSA to the SpyGames winners circle. Here is what I’m referring to. Senator Feinstein asked Mueller if HE knew of any safeguards in place to protect American citizens’ privacy? Mueller said he did not but he would find out. Feinstein then asked for those “rules” to be sent to her as they “would be of great help to [the Senate] legislatively.”

Let me translate that for you: The United Sates Congress has not issued rules for the drone Spy program they authorized the FBI to conduct. or even worse. The Congress has NOT authorized the Drone spying over Aunt Petunias backyard and thus has no need to issue rules. Enquiring patriots might want to know then, just WHO IS issuing rules for the FBI or is the FBI drinking the 1984 Kool-Aid the NSA mixed up?

Not coincidentally, today marks the 150TH anniversary of 50 Virginia counties peacefully seceding from VA and the Confederacy(4) to rejoin the Federal Union as West VA. With today’s news  I wonder how many Louisiana parishes or Texas counties think it is wise to leave the new Union of Droned States. I guess that depends on what your definition of “Is” is?




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