Pet Food Allergies More Common than Most Think

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Plenty of humans have food allergies to nuts, grains and all sorts of stuff, but did you know that your dog can be allergic, too?  At Southeast Veterinary Specialists, Dr. Kristen Fulham says many dogs are allergic to ingredients found in common dog foods on the market.  “Beef, chicken and corn are kind-of our top three that we find pets are allergic to, however dairy has been increasing in numbers too and the last two are wheat and soy.”

The symptoms are usually itchy ears and itchy rears!  Keep an eye out for licking, scratching, scooting and gas.  There’s no proven blood test for food allergy.  Instead, doctors at S.V.S. will try something called a novel diet.  “Usually what they have to do is go through at least an eight week period of a food allergy elimination trial to figure out if their pet is truly food allergic.”

That means feeding your pet something it’s never eaten before like salmon, rabbit or even kangaroo!  If the symptoms cease and your pup feels better, expect him to stay on that special diet indefinitely.  S.V.S. recommends prescription foods, however Dr. Fulham says there are some options at your local pet store.


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